Heat Shrink Sleeves & Tube


Heat Shrink sleeves and tubing provide seals with a variety of synthetic sheath materials and most metals, including lead, copper, aluminium and steel. Heat Shrink sleeves provide good electrical insulation and at the same time resist abrasion and corrosion. This material is tough and provides good mechanical support and strain relief.


On heating, tubing shrinks to a smaller diameter, fitting tightly over a wide range of cable sizes and accessories because of its high shrink ratio. At the same time the tubing's inner adhesive wall gives a dependable moisture seal over the most irregular shapes. The electrical and physical properties of a sheath over cable are combined with ruggedness and easy installation

Typical applications include the covering, insulating and sealing of power cables, accessories, splices and electrical terminations in ambient temperatures of -30°C to +105°C.

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Currently in stock we have :

CCG Cable Termination Shrouds Sizes: 0,1,3 and 4

CABAC SRE5 End Caps 90mm, after shrinking 45mm

Rolls of 120mm Sleeving Black and Red.


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